Paris is known as the City of Love for a reason. The city is filled with romance, from its picturesque streets to its charming cafes. If you’re looking for things to do in Paris as a couple, there’s no shortage of romantic outings and couple activities. Here are some ideas to make your trip to Paris unforgettable.

Romantic Dinner Cruise in Paris
Romantic Dinner Cruise in Paris
  1. Take a Sunset Cruise on the Seine

The Seine River is one of the most romantic spots in Paris, and a sunset cruise is the perfect way to experience it. You’ll get to see the city’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral, from a new perspective. You can even book a dinner cruise, where you can enjoy a gourmet meal as the sun sets over the city.

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Rooftops of Paris from Montmartre
  1. Visit the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is a stunning example of French Baroque architecture and a must-visit attraction for couples. You can take a guided tour of the palace and its gardens, or even rent a golf cart to explore the grounds at your own pace. The Hall of Mirrors is a highlight of the palace, with its 17 arched mirrors reflecting the light from the windows.

  1. Stroll through the Tuileries Garden

The Tuileries Garden is a beautiful public park located in the heart of Paris. It’s the perfect place for a romantic stroll, with its tree-lined paths and beautiful sculptures. You can even rent a couple’s lounge chair and relax by the pond while enjoying some ice cream from one of the nearby vendors.

The Bridge of Arts
The Bridge of Arts
  1. Explore the Montmartre Neighborhood

The Montmartre neighborhood is known for its bohemian charm and artistic vibe. It’s the perfect place to take a romantic walk, with its winding streets and hidden staircases. You can also visit the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, located at the top of the hill, for breathtaking views of the city.

  1. Take a Cooking Class

Paris is known for its culinary scene, and taking a cooking class together is a fun and unique activity for couples. You can learn how to make traditional French dishes, such as croissants or coq au vin, from a professional chef. You’ll not only get to enjoy a delicious meal, but you’ll also have a new skill to take home with you.

In conclusion, Paris is the perfect city for a romantic getaway, with its charming streets, stunning architecture, and world-renowned cuisine. These are just a few ideas for things to do in Paris as a couple, but there’s no shortage of romantic outings and couple activities to make your trip unforgettable. So, book your trip to the City of Love and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower
Romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower