AccueilRomeDiscover Rome with your family in 2024: Activities and attractions for young...

Discover Rome with your family in 2024: Activities and attractions for young and old

Rome, the Eternal City, is a magical destination for families in search of adventure and discovery. Beyond its rich historical heritage, the Italian capital abounds in fascinating sites and entertaining activities suitable for all ages. In this article, we invite you to plunge into the enchanting world of Rome and explore its hidden treasures through a series of activities specially designed for families.

Rainbow MagicLand theme park: Start your Roman family adventure with a trip to Rainbow MagicLand, Italy’s largest theme park, just an hour’s drive from Rome. Nestled in the green hills of Valmontone, this spectacular theme park offers a multitude of thrilling attractions for all tastes and ages. Children will be enchanted by the colorful rides and magical shows inspired by fairy tales, while teenagers and adults alike can take on the challenge of the high-speed roller coasters and thrill rides. With its varied theme zones, live shows and family-friendly restaurants, Rainbow MagicLand promises an unforgettable day out for the whole family.

Bioparco di Roma Zoo:

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For a day of adventure in the heart of nature, head to Bioparco di Roma, a renowned zoo home to an incredible variety of animals from all over the world. Founded in 1911, this iconic zoo spans 17 hectares of lush greenery, offering visitors the chance to get up close and personal with fascinating species, take part in educational activities and explore recreated natural habitats. Children will love watching majestic lions, elegant elephants and mischievous monkeys, while parents can learn more about the zoo’s conservation efforts and programs to protect endangered species. With its playgrounds, picnic areas and catering facilities, the Bioparco di Roma is the ideal place for a family day out in nature.

Explora, Rome’s Children’s Museum:

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For a fun and educational experience, be sure to visit Explora, Rome’s Children’s Museum. Located in the trendy Trastevere district, this interactive museum offers a multitude of activities and exhibits designed to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of young visitors. Children can explore different thematic areas, such as science, technology, the environment and the arts, through interactive games, hands-on experiments and creative workshops. Temporary exhibitions, live performances and special events are also regularly organized to entertain and educate families throughout the year.

Visit Vatican City: A visit to Vatican City is a must for families visiting Rome. Explore the artistic and architectural treasures of this small independent state, including the majestic St. Peter’s Basilica, the famous Sistine Chapel and the magnificent Vatican Museums. Many tours offer family-friendly guided tours, with experienced guides who will captivate children’s attention with fascinating stories and interactive activities. Children will also have the opportunity to take part in art and educational workshops specially designed for them, enabling them to discover the cultural richness of Vatican City in a fun and immersive way.


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The Eternal City, beckons families with a plethora of activities and attractions, promising an unforgettable stay for both young and old alike. Whether you’re seeking thrills at the amusement park, a glimpse of exotic wildlife at the zoo, interactive learning experiences at the children’s museum, or a cultural immersion in Vatican City, Rome truly stands out as a family-friendly destination par excellence.

Dive into the rich tapestry of history and culture that Rome offers, as you wander through its ancient streets and marvel at its timeless landmarks. From the iconic Colosseum to the majestic St. Peter’s Basilica, every corner of the city tells a story waiting to be discovered by eager explorers of all ages.

For those seeking excitement and adventure, Rome boasts a variety of amusement parks and entertainment centers where families can bond over thrilling rides, captivating shows, and delicious treats. Meanwhile, nature lovers can escape the hustle and bustle of the city at the tranquil parks and gardens scattered throughout Rome, offering peaceful retreats amidst lush greenery and scenic beauty.

The city’s vibrant atmosphere and bustling streets provide the perfect backdrop for family adventures, where every moment is filled with laughter, smiles, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain, indulging in gelato at a charming gelateria, or admiring the panoramic views from atop the Spanish Steps, Rome never fails to enchant and delight visitors of all ages.

As the sun sets over the picturesque skyline of Rome, families can reflect on their day of exploration and discovery, cherishing the memories created together. Whether it’s the awe-inspiring sights, the mouthwatering cuisine, or the warm hospitality of the locals, Rome leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who visit.

So, whether your trip is filled with the laughter of children or the quiet contemplation of adults, one thing is certain: Rome will leave you with memories to last a lifetime and a longing to return, time and time again, to uncover more of its hidden treasures.


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