As a country whose name is derived from the worlds oldest desert, the Namib, Namibia has always been a popular destination for adventure travellers. Although it might not seem like travelling independently in the country is a good choice, it is most definitely possible and Namibia is actually best explored as an independent traveller if you do it the right way.

    Travelling to the country is relatively easy with flights going directly to the capital city of Windhoek from many destinations in Europe. It is also possible, and often cheaper, to fly to Windhoek via South Africa. If you prefer to drive into the country from Botswana or South Africa, you can also do that as an excellent system of sealed roads run from these borders through the country.

    Once in Windhoek (Or which ever town you start in but preferably windhoek), it is advisable to hire a vehicle to get around the country. Now, although most roads that connect the towns can be travelled on with any car, there are many sights and towns that can only be reached with a good 4-wheel drive vehicle. You can useDiscover Car Hireto rent a land cruiser in most big towns in Namibia.

    Accommodation in Namibia is easy to find with a quick search on or There are quite a few stores in Windhoek that stock South African exports so it is advisable to stock up on food and anything you may need while youre in Windhoek, as the other towns dont have much variety.

    After you stock up on goods in Windhoek, make your way to coastal towns of Swakopmund or Walvis Bay. The most important thing during your independent trip will be the guided activities in Namibia that you book for the different places you go to and these are no exception. With thisSpitzkoppe Day Touryou get to marvel at the geography surrounding the Usakos mining town. The tour also makes a stop at Moonlandscape, an extremely arid region of Namibia that was formed 500 million years ago.

    ASwakopmund City Touris perfect for people withlimited time in Port because this tour explores the main interests in both Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. You can also take theSandwich Habour Tourwithin the Namib-Naukluft National Park where you can see the giant sand dunes that run straight into the ocean.

    By taking day tours in Namibia you wont have all the pressure on you to find the best spots and will be able to relax as youre guided by the tour guide. However, unlike an all-inclusive trip you will still have flexibility and be able to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it.

    As you can see, travelling independently in Namibia can be a highly rewarding experience with the right preparation. As long as you choose your vehicle wisely to avoid turning over on gravel roads and book several professional guided activities, your trip to Namibia will be the experience of a lifetime.