Celebrate July 14th 2022, Bastille Day in Paris: parade, firework

Dinner cruise for July 14 in Paris & Bastille day fireworks
Dinner cruise for July 14 in Paris & Bastille day fireworks

On July 14, French and Parisian celebrate Bastille Day, the French National Day. It commemorates the French Revolution and the fall of the Bastille prison on July 14, 1789.

Every year on July 14 many events are organized in the French capital: parades, fireworks, firehouse dancing…

For July, 14 , 2022, celebrations are maintained.

Military parade of July 14th on Champs Elysées.

As every year, the military parade of July 14th will begin at 10:00 am on the Champs-Elysées avenue.

This year The Great War (WWI) is celebrated. 72 countries have participated in World War I will send people to participate in this parade.

Getting there: Many metro stations Charles-de-Gaulle Etoile / George V / Franklin Roosevelt / Champs Elysées Clémenceau.

Concert and fireworks of July 14th at the Eiffel Tower (Champ de Mars)

The city of Paris will organize for the national holiday:
– a Philharmonic concert from 9:30 pm till 11:00 pm – July 14
– the traditional fireworks will begin at 11:00 pm. the theme this year: ” Fête de la Fédération ” – July 14

These two events are free

Where to see the Fireworks

You can see this firework from Trocadéro which is close by Eiffel Tower.

One of the view on the fire is from the Seine river. It is reason why having a Dinner Cruise is a must do for July 14 in Paris.

It allows you to enjoy a gourmet dinner while admiring the Bastille Day fireworks. The Bateaux Mouches cruise is the most appreciated.

You can book now your river cruise for July, 14, 2022. You can also cancel your reservation easily.

But one of the best place to see the National day firework is Montmartre at Sacré-Coeur (you will no have the sound but the sight is amazing)

You can also try of the bridge over the Seine river: Pont de l’Alma, Pont d’Iena,

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Bombers dance Parties of July 13th and 14.

On July 13th and July 14th many firehouses open their door to people and welcome very big parties.

It is a traditional event that can be kitschy in many little French villages. But these dancing parties are now considered as very trendy .

The most expected is the Sévigné firehouse party, on July 13th and 14th, that gather more than 1000 clubbers with its 4 atmospheres in the middle of the Marais neighborhood.

Some Firehouses and their dance parties
ROUSSEAU firehouse 21, rue du Jour – 75001 PARIS

on July 13th and 14th

SEVIGNE firehouse 07-09, rue de Sévigné – 75004 PARIS

on July 13th and 14th
The biggest firehouse and also the most appreciated party. It is better to go there early enough to be able to enter

COLOMBIER firehouse 11, rue du Vieux Colombier 75006 PARIS

on July 13th and 14th

BLANCHE firehouse 28, rue Blanche – 75009 PARIS

on July 13th

LANDON firehouse 188, quai de Valmy – 75010 PARIS

on July 13th and 14th

CHALIGNY firehouse 26, rue de Chaligny – 75012 PARIS

on July 13th and 14th