Coronavirus: how is Disneyland Paris managing the epidemic?

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Many Internet users are wondering about the measures taken by the Disneyland Paris amusement park (Seine-et-Marne) in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.

Despite the coronavirus epidemic in France, the Disneyland Pars park (Seine-et-Marne) remains open and continues to welcome visitors. (© La Marne)
Despite the coronavirus epidemic in France, the Disneyland Pars park (Seine-et-Marne) remains open and continues to welcome visitors. (© La Marne)

Disneyland Paris (Seine-et-Marne) park remains open, despite the coronavirus epidemic. While many events, bringing together thousands of participants, are canceled, the most recent of which is the Paris Marathon postponed until the fall, the park management does not plan to close access to the attractions.

This is one of the recurring questions from Internet users: Why does the amusement park remain open? Can we go there safely?

Miserly in communication on such sensitive subjects, Disneyland Paris still agreed to explain the procedures put in place to limit the spread of the epidemic.

Maintain park health security
The management of Disneyland Paris ensures “to pay special attention to the maintenance of health security in our Parks”. “Rigorous sanitary standards and robust cleaning procedures” have been put in place.

The recommendations of the Ministry of Health were distributed to the employees, the Cast Members. But above all, the park declares that the cleaning and disinfection of each zone is carried out regularly during the day.

Points containing hydroalcoholic gels have been set up for Cast Members. However, they remain “worried and ask themselves a lot of questions” as confirmed by a park employee, even if he recognizes that “the management has stocked up on masks, gloves and gels”.

In addition, as soon as the parks close in the evening, “toilets, kitchens and several other facilities” are systematically cleaned, as is “outdoor facilities, including aisles and queues”.

Can you be infected by queuing at an attraction?
Despite its reassuring messages, visitors remain concerned about the possibility of catching the Covid-19 virus while queuing for one of the attractions, where being close to other visitors is important. The prevention advice must then be applied to the letter: sneeze or cough in your elbow, wash your hands very regularly and avoid going to this type of place if you are sick.

Closed twice in 28 years
Disneyland Closed twice in 28 years

Closed twice in 28 years
Since opening in France 28 years ago, the park has been closed twice: in 1999, after the storm to restore the facilities, and more recently, in 2015, after the Bataclan attack. The park remained closed for four days. That year, penalized by the fall in tourism in France, Euro Disney had recorded record decreases in turnover.