How to get around Valencia? Public transports

transport valencia
transport valencia

Like any large modern city, the agglomeration of Valencia is very large. And like many historic cities, Valencia turns its back on the sea which is more than 3 km away. The city therefore has an important public transport network of buses, metro and trams.

Bus network (EMT)
The bus is certainly the most pleasant and economical way to get around the city.
The Valencia urban bus network is managed by the municipal transport company EMT (EMPRESA MUNICIPAL DE TRANSPORTES). It currently serves 46 regular day and 12 night lines, making a total of 480 buses recognizable by their red color. In the summer period, from mid-June to mid-September, 4 additional daytime lines come in reinforcement towards the beach.

Prices: a single ticket purchased on the bus costs € 1.50. It is much more economical to buy a rechargeable (Bonobus, tarjeta Mobilis) card. “Bono” is equivalent to card or notebook.
Bonobus (10 trips for € 8 + € 2 for the card)
Bono Transbordo (metro connection in the 50-minute interval) Zone A with 10 tickets: € 9 + € 2 for the card
Discounts for large families, retirees (jubilados), groups.
Sales locations: tobacconists, newsstands, Opencor stores which have the advantage of being open every day until 2.00 am for the most part.
Contact: EMT (Atención al cliente) Tel 96 315 85 15 – e-mail:*

VLC Tourist card
Another solution for a short-term tourist stay, the VLC tourist card.
The interest of the VLC tourist card is the possibility of taking the bus and the tram in Zone A as well as the metro in Zones ABCD including the line for the airport without limit of journeys. The VLC tourist card also offers discounts at the main tourist centers such as the Bioparc, the Valencia aquarium, the Oceanografic, the tourist bus, guided tours …
Price: VLC tourist card of 24, 48 or 72 hours for 15, 20 and 25 € respectively
Sales locations: Airport tourist offices, Plaza de la Reina, Ayuntamiento (Town Hall), Joaquín Sorolla (New AVE TGV station), airport vending machines at AVE station (TGV), hotels, information centers subways of Benimaclet y Xátiva
Contact: (+34) 900 70 18 18 –

MetroBús is an interurban network of 45 bus lines operated by 8 major Valencian coach companies (Auvaca, Avsa, Autocares Buñol, Autocares Herca, Edetania Bus, Fernanbús and Alsa). The buses are yellow so as not to be confused with the red buses in Valencia.
They are also popularly called “amarillo (yellow) buses”. They serve urban areas not accessible by metro or train.
Certain tourist destinations such as El Saler beach, the Albufera natural park, Coll Vert San Pascual, Las Palmeras, Devesa Gardens campsites are provided by Autocares Herca and served by lines no. 190 and 290.
For more info: (tel +34 963 49 12 50 – Fax +34 48 66 98)

Contact: MetroBús Tel (+34) 963 160 707

Metro (Metrovalencia)
valencia transport

Metro (Metrovalencia)
The Valencia metro has 5 lines, soon to be 7, which cross Valencia from north to south, from east to west of the large periphery. The network is divided into 4 tariff zones A, B, C, D (Manises Airport is now in the tariff zone ABCD).
Trams (TRANSVIA) are part of the Metrovalencia network. They are extending the metro lines in the suburbs of Valencia. Line 4 is exclusively a tram line.

Rate :
Zone A (Valencia) Single ticket: € 1.50, A-R: € 2.90, Bonometro of 10 tickets: € 7.20
Bono Transbordo (Connection with a bus in the interval of 50 minutes) Zone A 10 tickets: 9 €
Zone ABCD (Aéroport) Single ticket € 3.90 – Round trip: € 7.40 – Bonometro of 10 tickets: € 20
Discounts for large families, retirees (jubilados), groups.
Sales locations: metro stations
Contact: Tel: (+34) 900 461 046 (free) –

Metro valencia
Metro valencia

For visitors who plan to take public transport for a short period, there are individual tickets T1, T2, T3 (1, 2 or 3 days for
respectively € 4, 6.70 and € 9.70).
This single ticket allows access to the entire metro, tram and bus network in Zone A. The number of trips is unlimited.
The ticket is valid for one year after the date of purchase.