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    TheParis-Orly Airportis the second largest French airport, it serves more than 150 cities around the word.The airport has a capacity of 30 million passengers per year. Fortransfer to citymany solutions are possible.

    Getting in Paris City Center from Paris- Orly Airport

    The Paris-Orly airport is located at 16 kilometers at the south of Paris.

    You can get in Paris from Orly airport by car, bus and RER and Shuttle.

    Orlyval allows you to get from Orly to the center of Paris and vice versa in less than 30 minutes. Departures are from Orly-Sud or at Orly-Ouest. Departures are every 5 mins. This shuttle service operates between Orly and Antony Sation, from where you can pick up the RER B without having to wait.

    The Air France Coach leaves from Orly-Sud or Orly-Ouest, every 20 minutes from 6am to 11pm. Arrival in the City is at many Central Locations (Opera, Montparnasse ).  The journey lasts 30 -40 mins

    The Orly bus leaves Orly-Sud or Orly-Ouest between 6am 11.30pm. the cheapest option. Departures are every 15 minute to place Denfert-Rochereau ( South of Paris) where there are good links to the rest of Paris via the RER, 2 metro lines (6 and 4) and bus lines. Allow 25-30 min for the journey from the airport to place Denfert-Rochereau between 5.35am and 11pm.

    by Taxi the journey lasts about 30min and can cost about 50

    By RER: Take the shuttle bus to Paris-Orly ORLYVAL station Antony RER B. You can also use bus, taxi and coaches

    • REB B+orlyval   | 27 min   | 11.30
    • Orlybus                  | 30 min   | 7.50
    • Car Air France   | 30 min   | 17
    • Taxi                           | 30 min   | 40/50
    • Door-to-door Transfer  | 30 min   | 33

    The most comfortable way to  get in Paris Center from Orly Airport is the airport transfer service it costs 33 (for about 30 mins).

    To save money you can choose for your transfer in the center to take the Orlybus diret to Paris(a bus direct to Paris)  or the Orly Val (a little automatic metro) and have a connexion with RER-B (express train to Paris), its less expensive  and direct to Paris Center (Gare de Nord, Chatelet, St MichelStations) and it takes about 30 mins

    Parking at Paris Orly Airport

    Airport Paris Orly offers several options for parking your vehicle.
    Parking Rates
    Drop off parking                                                       0-20 min Free then 5.50 per hour
    nearby Parking                         P0-P3                     3.40 per hour
    nearby parking                         P4-P6                     2.50 per hour
    Premium Parking                    P0                            Reservations required
    Holiday Parking                                                        Packages from 45

    Traveling from New Yok city to Paris Orly airport

    From Paris-Orly, there are several airlines that operate flights from New York City to Paris Orly airport namely John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

    Please find below a list of airlines that operate flights from New York to Paris-Orly:
    Company                                    Direct flight / stop                       From
    Air France                                  Direct                                              JFK
    American Airlines                    Direct or 1 stop to London         JFK or Newark
    British Airways                         Direct or 1 stop to London         JFK or Newark

    Delta Airlines                            Direct                                             JFK

    The duration of a direct flight is about 8 hours.

    Between New York City and Paris, there is a time difference of 6 hours (UTC -04).

    Price of a flight Paris New York City

    Paris welcomes tourists throughout the year. During the summer months and the holiday season (November and December), the prices of flights are highest.
    Try to book at least 6-8 weeks in advance to get the best deals.