What are the means of transport in Antalya


Transportation in Antalya. Antalya offers a variety of transportation, such as public buses, trams, mini buses, taxis and dolmus.

Antalya  transport
Antalya transport

Antalya is well served by public buses, fares are low and most buses are air conditioned, you recognize public buses by their distinctive blue stripes.

antalya tram
antalya tram

Antalya has a tram, which runs from Konyalti Beach in the west to the Antalya Museum in the east. It works every 30 min, in both directions and costs 1.75 TL per person.
To make the trip from the airport, take bus n 202, there is a departure every 30 minutes towards the city center.

Bus Antalya
Bus Antalya

Otherwise you can also take a dolmus, which is a kind of minibus that only works when it is full. Most large public transport stations on a dolmus station.
For the taxi, 1TL per km is an honest basis, after midnight the rates double.
You can also negotiate with a taxi driver to become your private driver for a few days.
Finally, for car rentals, these are available in the bus terminal, at the airport, at the port and in the city center.