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    This jungle hotspot on the border of Brazil and Argentina remains an awe-inspiring must-see here’s one traveller’s first impression

    It was with trepidation that I first visited Iguau Falls. Though considered one of the worlds great natural wonders, Id heard and seen so much of them largely thanks to the memorable scenes filmed there for Roland Joffs epic movie The Mission  that I almost felt there was little point in actually visiting the place.

    Iguaz waterfalls from helicopter (Shutterstock)
    Iguaz waterfalls from helicopter

    But when I eventually went, I found the falls as majestic, and the surrounding forest every bit as bewitching, as I should have expected. As I hauled myself through La Ventana an enormous rock formation framed, as the name suggests, like a window and saw the deep natural pool fed by a series of small waterfalls on the other side, I was happy to eat my words.

    As cash cows of the two countries national parks systems, theres no escaping the fact that both Brazils Parque Nacional do Iguau and Argentinas much larger Parque Nacional Iguaz have become victims of rampant commercialisation, their infrastructures ever more intrusive. Yet, despite the souvenir shops and snack bars, the high-speed dinghies and the rumble of helicopters, Iguau remains a truly amazing destination. 

    When you catch a glimpse of a capuchin monkey swinging from branch to branch, spot the bright-orange beak of a toucan flying overhead, gaze at a perfectly formed rainbow amid the mist of one of the countless lesser cataracts, or simply spend a quiet moment absorbing the aromas, tones and shades of the seemingly infinite forest around, its impossible not to recognise that this place is something truly special.